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Introducing ARC ABRASIVES, INC.'s new PREDATOR™ AP Flap Discs. PREDATOR™ Advanced Products (AP) are a new group of products that show an advancement in performance over the current PREDATOR™ product offering.

PREDATOR™ AP flap discs have an industry best cut and life. The flaps on a PREDATOR™ AP flap disc lay flatter than the flaps on a conventional flap disc, allowing the AP flap disc to wear at a slower rate with increased cut over a normal flap disc.

PREDATOR™ AP flap discs utilize cutting-edge technology giving them a new look and feel that offers excellent performance on mild and stainless steel. The addition of Performance Coating offers the same great performance for use on aluminum and other soft metals.

Get your FREE sample today! Call ARC ABRASIVES, INC. Customer Service at 800.888.4885 for more information on PREDATOR™ AP flap discs and reference code: FD14GA for your FREE sample.



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